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Team Building

We offer a team building program unlike anything available at this time. It offers your employees or clients a fun filled few hours, combined with some very practical self-defence and potentially lifesaving skills.

Childres, Family & Adult classes.

There are lots of reasons our martial arts school can be a good match for your kids. Here are nine potential benefits: 1. We focus on individual growth, not on team competition. 2. We offer concrete, attainable goals. 3. Routines are broken down into manageable chunks. 4. We emphasize self-control and concentration. 5. We can help with coordination. 6. We provide structure and clear expectations for behaviour. 7. We can provide a safe outlet for excess energy. 8. The environment is friendly and welcoming. 9. We’re just plain cool!

One to One Self-Defence Training

One to One Self-Defence Training Senior Master Anthony Plant 7th Dan is one of the most highly experienced and highly qualified martial arts and self-defence instructors. He is an instructor of worldwide renown. He has over 56 years’ experience in self-defence and became a registered Black Belt Instructor in 1978. He worked part time for 6 years in night club security and close personal protection, so he knows a great deal about the reality of real self-defence. His career was in medical physics (mainly Radiology and Oncology) so he has a great knowledge about the human body and its nervous system how to manipulate it. He holds many coaching qualifications from governing bodies all around the world and he is fully DBS checked and first aid trained Private Tuition May Suit You A busy professional that does not have the time to commit to regular classes and would like to still take a course in self-defence or may wish to go through the total self-defence syllabus

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Classes for all ages.

Available at our hand picked schools.


Team Building

We can come to you or you can pick one of our venues.

Adult weapon training

Available at our hand picked schools.

Get fit & Stay fit.

Available at our hand picked schools.

Private one to one

Available from one of our hand picked Instructors.

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